This sculptural series ponders the eternal question of time and human evolution. Academia teaches us that humans have evolved in a linear way, from prehistoric apes to modern technologically advanced Homo Sapiens. Regardless, academics are baffled at the unexplainable engineering of megalithic stone structures.

Neo Lithic, meaning New Stone, investigates the way societies study and determine historical truths through the eyes of their culture. By taking everyday tools from our era and reproducing them in sandstone, a material that strips away their utilitarian function, mysterious objects are created. These bizarre objects are rooted by their form and original function to our specific time in history. Nevertheless their material is in contradiction with the function they are supposed to serve, initiating a dilemma for the viewer.

What will the archeologists of the future make of these bizarre objects? Will they simply be dismissed as hoaxes or will they be associated with an unknown culture of the 21st century? The power of Neo Lithic is the questions it presents, who's answers can only come from the passing of time and the evolution of culture.