Photo by Isa Marcelli

Photo by Isa Marcelli

Dario Santacroce is a sculptor exploring time as a metaphor, theory, experience, and idea. He creates pure sculptural forms through the use of novel stone materials and cutting-edge technological tools.

Santacroce has established his own sculptural universe, a world rich in symbols and archetypes with 3D printed stone as the central metaphor of temporal perception. This exploration of perception as a fluid and changing experience has become a driving force, and one that has pushed him toward creating his own stone materials and innovative techniques to express his vision.

At a young age he began working as apprentice to Carlo Ambrosoli, where he discovered that the boundaries of the explained and unexplained are blurred into shifting shades of grey. Continuing his apprenticeships with Manuel Neri, Robert Gove, Lode Tibos and Dominique Stroobant, he acquired the marble-carving techniques needed for the realization of works ranging in scale from small and intimate to monumental and imposing, while at the same time gaining the insights that sparked his exploration of the philosophy of materials.

Santacroce’s work has been exhibited across Europe and in the United States in gallery and juried exhibitions. He collaborates with architects on projects for private residences and corporate spaces as well as for international salons and showrooms showcasing Italian designer furniture.

He is currently represented by
Galerie Eulenspiegel in Basel, Switzerland
C|E Contemporary in Milano, Italy



Solo Exhibition - Diffraction - Jorge Cañete - Chartreuse de La Lance, Switzerland

Group Exhibition - Molteni&C | Dada - New York, USA

Group Exhibition - Molteni&C Headquarters - Giussano, Italy

Group Exhibition - Day & Vision: Design Experience - Interni - Milano, Italy


Solo Exhibition - Hemi-Spheres - Galerie Eulenspiegel - Basel, Switzerland

Group Exhibition - Fiera Milano - Molteni&C | Dada - Milan, Italy

Group Exhibition - Molteni&C | Dada - New York, USA

Group Exhibition - Molteni&C Headquarters - Giussano, Italy


Solo Exhibition - Dario Santacroce - La Petite Galerie - Bourron-Marlotte, France


Solo Exhibition - Spherical Creations - Galerie Eulenspiegel - Basel, Switzerland

Group Exhibition- Ici Inspiration et Creation - Milly-la-forêt, France 


Group Exhibition - Snap To Grid - LACDA (Los Angeles Center For Digital Art) - Los Angeles, USA

Group Exhibition - BeArt Galerie BeArt - Chartes, France

European Heritage Days - Journées du Patrimoine - Larchant, France

Group Exhibition - Metropolis Galleria La Vaccarella - Rome, Italy


Group Exhibition - Snap To Grid - LACDA (Los Angeles Center For Digital Art) - Los Angeles, USA

Group Exhibition - International Juried Exhibition - Finalist Punch Gallery - Seattle, USA


Solo Exhibition - Dario Santacroce Galerie Mona Lisa - Paris, France


Group Exhibition - Open Art Code - Paris, Art En Capital, Salon Des Artistes Indépendants Grand Palais - Paris, France

Group Exhibition - Gemluc Art - Auditorium Rainier III - Monaco, Montecarlo

Solo Exhibition - Dario Santacroce Galerie Arte Falco - Antwerp, Belgium


Group Exhibition - Ninth International Design Contest Trieste Contemporanea

Studio Tommaseo - Trieste, Italy


Group Exhibition - Sculpture and Painting Centro D’Arte San Vidal - Venice, Italy

Group Exhibition - Private Gallery Spiazzi - Venice, Italy 




Punch Gallery International Juried Exhibition - Selected finalist with the sculpture “ Neo Lithic, Axe ” 


The State Of Art, Bear Hill Publishing - Selected for publishing in “ The State Of Art, Sculpture And 3DVol.1” 

Premio Combat - Honourable mention for the sculpture “ Neo Lithic, Wrench ” 


Pocketluck International Design Contest By Trieste Contemporanea - Selected finalist 



Monumental sculpture MONOLITH™, site to be disclosed, USA

Monumental sculpture "KOSA" Saint-Quentin, France

Monumental sculpture “ Eternal Half ” - Sprimont / La Roche-En-Ardenne, Belgium




“Rencontres Internationales de Scuplture de Sprimont”, Monumental sculpture symposium - Sprimont, Belgium




“ Monolith™ ” - Geopolymer Camp, International Conference - Saint-Quentin, France


“ L’art et la technique ou la disparition du geste ” - Association PhiloZart - Larchant, France




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San Francisco Art Institute (2007) - Major: Fine Arts - San Francisco, USA

Università Ca’ Foscari (2004 / 2005) - Major: Modern Western Language and Literature - Venice, Italy



2010 / 2011

Assistant to Lode Tibos. Working in the stone carving atelier of Lode Tibos. Assisting in the moving and installing of monumental sculptures on destined sites and for site specific open air exhibitions. Antwerp, Belgium

2008 / 2009

Apprentice to Manuel Neri. Invited by Manuel Neri (notable member of the “second generation ” of the bay area gurative movement) to work in his marble carving studio. Assisted Manuel Neri in the realization of monumental sculptures in marble.`Received additional on the job training in stone carving techniques with Robert Gove. Carrara, Italy

2002 / 2004

Apprentice to Carlo Ambrosoli. Studied drawing and painting in the studio of Carlo Ambrosoli (professor at the Liceo Artistico and the Accademia di Belle Arti of Rome). Received special training in traditional painting emulsions, inks and encaustics. Rome, Italy


Apprentice to Ronald Cohen. Studied drawing and painting under the guidance of Ronald Cohen (Associate professor, Painting and Drawing, University of Iowa, USA). Rome, Italy